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Opening Night!

By , November 24, 2017

It starts tonight! As Henry II says at one point: “I hope you’ll all attend.” Wish that were possible.

Lion in Winter poster, Haines Alaska

(Poster Design: Amanda Randles.)

See also this great article by Clara Miller in The Capital City Weekly, our regional newspaper!

A Day Late, a Dollar Short, Yet Wealthy Beyond Measure

By , October 22, 2017

Sitting in the wreckage of yesterday’s activities, I’m torn between two important writing projects: this blog, and commenting on the looming University of Alaska Timber Sale (see Something New to Worry About).

I’m beat, feeling shy, introverted, and uncommunicative. I need to keep up the blog while figuring out how to write one of the most important letters of my life. I’m feeling a day late and a dollar short, yet I can’t help but marvel at what a rich man I am, in the best sense of the term. My riches may not be measured in dollars or consumer goods, but I’m a wealthy man nevertheless.

First, I woke up thinking I was late for commenting on the UA timber sale, as the deadline was tomorrow. When I went to the site to pick up links to send to some friends, I found two important new bits of information:

  1. The comment period has been extended to November 22nd.
  2. The mailing address to which comments should be directed has changed!
Lioni n Winter cast planning

We plot and plan . . . cast planning session in the October sunshine (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger).

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