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Am I Working Too Hard? Bumbleweed Pesto

By , November 7, 2009

I’m not sure whether I’m going about this gardening thing the right way. I do hours of research through the winter to plan the garden. Then I check my reference books weekly to keep things growing well. I listen to You Bet Your Garden every Sunday on the radio and take notes.

I have been gradually reclaiming the garden from the forest. The previous owners of our place had a wonderful garden, but it hadn’t been worked for a couple years when we moved in, so the tree roots and weeds had taken over. As I reclaim each bed I dig out all the dirt, cut out any large tree roots in the way, lay down landscape cloth to keep the roots from coming back a little longer, then put the soil through a screen to remove smaller roots and weeds. As I go I add buckets of seaweed and compost for fertility. It’s a lot of work. Continue reading 'Am I Working Too Hard? Bumbleweed Pesto'»

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