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Bug Out Gear: Pop-Up Tent

By , April 11, 2018

On the night we bugged out of the homestead to high ground after a tsunami warning (see Tsunami Scramble) we whiled away part of the time analyzing what we did, and brainstorming on how we could do it better. We quickly realized that, as quickly and efficiently as we set up Aly’s tent, we might do it a lot faster with a pop-up tent.

Pop-up or “instant pitch” tents have been around for a long time. In our region, they seem particularly handy in summer, when biting bugs can swarm horribly in the forest and on beaches. Such an instant shelter would also be very handy in an evacuation, where pitching the tent can largely take care of itself, despite the bumbling efforts of shocky, even injured campers.

After the tsunami evacuation, we began looking for a pop-up tent, and settled on the Coleman 4-person expansible tent.

Once it arrived, of course we needed to try it out! We did so on a recent afternoon.

Pop-Up Tent

The new tent, stowed and covered (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Assessing the Bug Out

By , January 27, 2018

When we bugged out of the homestead in the middle of the night recently, moving to higher ground because of a tsunami warning (see Tsunami Scramble) we not only assured our safety against an unpredictable event, we tested our emergency preparedness.

After we arrived at our rendezvous point on the ridge top, we began assessing our response. Inevitably, we speculated on whether or not we’d overreacted. Later, we learned that our local police department had urged everyone to evacuate to above 100 feet, and that a small tsunami had actually been generated by the earthquake.

We agreed that, if nothing else, the experience served as a drill. None of us dipped into our bug out bags or the bug out bucket—those stashes provided a baseline of essentials, but we only used the extras we picked up. We started a running list of anything we thought of after leaving that we would have liked to have with us. It had surprisingly few items on it by the time we finished!

Items grabbed in an emergency

Michelle’s extras, gear she grabbed beyond her bug out bag (shown at bottom of photo). (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger.)

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