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Toad Says “Hello”

By , August 19, 2014

A while back, I wrote about catching a fleeting glimpse of a boreal toad on the Power Point. I mentioned that I’d tried to get a photo of it (see A New Toad Sighting). Not long after that post published, the toad came to us!

On a pleasant, sunny day, all three of us worked outside. We each pursued our own projects, but they all happened to center near the new garden beds we’re establishing in the dooryard near the veranda. Michelle weeded the flower beds in that area, while I hauled firewood, and Aly worked on an art project on the veranda.

Western (boreal) toad in our new garden bed (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Western (boreal) toad in our new garden bed (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger).

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A New Toad Sighting

By , July 28, 2014

On a recent sunny day, I stood in the cleft in the rocks that form our Power Point, the promontory that holds our wind generators and solar panels. A small expanse of gravel between two low walls of dark stone gathers and reflects heat. I maintain our primary firewood drying rick there to take advantage of this.

Limbs of nearby spruce trees overhang one end of the dip. Native grasses, pineapple weed, and other wild growth sprout beneath them in summer.

I don’t recall what errand took me there, or why I stood looking at these branches, but suddenly, the weeds agitated and swam before my eyes. I saw motion, and what appeared to be a long, thin animal pushing through the plants away from me. I couldn’t make sense of I saw until too late: a rather large toad, exquisitely camouflaged, “ran” from me, stretching out its long hind legs to make its way. Continue reading 'A New Toad Sighting'»

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