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The Homestead Reference Library: Solar Living Source Book

By , March 7, 2012

Some of the titles in our homestead reference library, including a few in our list of essential titles, have proven their value so well that they must be included, even if I don’t want them to be. The prime example of this is the Real Goods company’s Solar Living Source Book: the Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies & Sustainable Living (paid link) (check your local independent bookstore).

The reason I was reluctant to accept this book as a resource in our home is that it is basically a catalog for the Real Goods company. This commercial purveyor of green technologies is a good source for the tools and components of our off-the-grid lifestyle, but it’s very expensive. I like to think of it as the source for those who want to save the earth by throwing money at it.

Nevertheless, the Solar Living Sourcebook has undeniable value on a couple different levels.

Solar Living Source Book

(Photo: Mark Zeiger.)

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The Homestead Reference Library: The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice

By , February 13, 2012

The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice: Tools and Techniques for Modern and Traditional Rigging, by Brion Toss, is an important volume in our homestead reference library. I acquired this book when we were building our largest sailboat, Selkie. It proved to be a valuable resource when sailing, but has also come in handy many times on the homestead.The Complete Rigger's Apprentice

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