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Missing the Milestone

By , September 2, 2014

I had a vague realization the other morning that a significant anniversary approached, marking five years of The Zeiger Family Homestead Blog. I began mulling over something pithy, meaningful, perhaps even witty to say on the subject the day it rolled around.

Then I checked, and realized that it had all ready rolled around—right over me. Continue reading 'Missing the Milestone'»


By , March 15, 2013

Today, like Scheherazade, I spin my 1001st tale.

I jokingly wondered in a recent post if I would remember to notice when I reached the arbitrary milestone of 1,000 posts on this blog. As it happened, I did forget. I had to go back and add a note in the last essay recognizing that it was my one thousandth post, but perhaps I can be forgiven for that oversight. It wasn’t one of my better writing days, after all.

But, having thought about it a bit, maybe I should go ahead and pat myself on the back a bit for making it this far. Even though it’s not anything special, other than one of those things that fascinate human beings above all else: a number with a lot of zeros in it. Even though, technically speaking, I’ve posted more than one thousand and one posts (I recently removed a couple of posts that poked fun at the Spam I receive on the blog; I decided they didn’t add enough to the discussion to merit further inclusion). Even though this is a backwater blog, never referred to in the media, seldom noted by anyone but myself, hardly ever read by the very relatives for whom I originally started the effort.

Because, just as we celebrate minutiae in our household for the sake of a good time, pausing to commemorate something as inane as writing over one thousand essays can be pleasant. Particularly when Michelle brings home peanut butter/chocolate ice cream to augment the celebration! She’s a good wife, that one. Continue reading '1001'»

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