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By , July 30, 2015

I apologize for a lack of posts recently. I returned yesterday from a 3 day adventure out of town. My activities, and the circumstances that brought them about, cause me to think more on a fairly constant concern of our semi-remote lifestyle.

A friend in town broke her ankle almost two weeks ago. She and her family like to hike, most often in remote areas. She broke her ankle by a simple misstep on her front porch!

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There But for Grace Go I?

By , May 31, 2010

I kind of did a number on my foot the other day, falling off the platform at the boat house. I got hurt in a way I’ve become familiar with from repetition over the years. I didn’t sprain my ankle or break bones, but I bruised my foot and possibly pulled muscles. Bruising welled up around my ankle, which hurt on and off, and the arch of my foot ached. These two pains seemed to trade off, one taking over for a while, then the other, then both going away, only to pop back up when I started feeling confident. Continue reading 'There But for Grace Go I?'»

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