Family Time!

By , June 29, 2019

It started yesterday when Aly staggered over to the cabin, sick.

We don’t know what happened, although since it’s been sunny and unusually hot here, we strongly suspect heat exhaustion. Whatever the case, Aly had a tour scheduled, and we needed to help her call in sick.

Michelle hiked over to the bay to talk to the boss, who had spent the night at his family’s Mud Bay home. To get to his house, she had to skirt a brown bear that has haunted the bay all summer. Once they’d talked, Michelle waited for him to leave, so they could go together, in case the bear had stuck around.

“Is that your brother-in-law’s boat?” he asked, pointing toward the mouth of the bay.

sailing vessel Wayward

Dave and Anke’s hand-built sailboat, Wayward, at anchor in Mud Bay (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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Monthly Movie for June

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By , June 26, 2019

If you’re reading this, it means I managed to upload this month’s Monthly Movie to YouTube; I also got this post uploaded, too!

It’s ironic, but appropriate, that June’s Monthly Movie included a tour ship, one of the ones that bring swarms of visitors to our communities, swamping our available phone networks, essentially blacking out our internet connectivity for most of each week during the summer.

But, I confess, I planned it this way.

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