Aly’s Featured Artist Statement

By , October 1, 2019

Aly has been working hard on her featured artist appearance at Ampersand AK for October’s First Friday at the end of the week (see Aly Solos at October First Friday). She has her artwork mounted, a new set of stickers shipped this morning, and should arrive in time (based on her last order, anyway). And, she wrote her artist’s statement, which sums things up nicely:

Sarah A. Zeiger's Kells-style T-Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Kells-style (Artwork: Sarah A. Zeiger).

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Aly Solos at October First Friday

By , September 28, 2019

Here in the waning days of September, we’re looking forward to and working toward October. Mainly, Aly will be featured artist at Ampersand AK, on Main Street in Haines, Friday, October 4th!

Aly has many artistic projects going at the moment, but the one she’s focusing on the most is her growing collection of Book of Kells-style Prehistoric Animals.

Sarah A. Zeiger's Kells Creature

Aly’s Kells mosasaur (Artwork: Sarah A. Zeiger).

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