Champion Post Hole

Just before our recent storm, I expressed hope we’d be able to use the snowfall to move firewood (see We’ve Been Warned). Unfortunately, my main Southeast Alaska weather axiom proved true once again: snow is a transitional weather condition.

The next day, the wind switched to the south and the thaw began. We strapped on snowshoes and hiked the trail, hoping to cut a decent path before things got really sloppy.

We had a pretty hard slog. When we passed through the Blowdown, Michelle post holed with her snowshoes, not an easy thing to do. She asked me to take a photo, so I did.

Thigh deep, with snowshoes on! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Thigh deep, with snowshoes on! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Since then, a lot of the snow has melted away. Little by little, spring takes hold.

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2 Responses to Champion Post Hole

  1. Linn Hartman says:

    Had to show my wife the picture – Our propane ran out a week ago and trying to get by with some electric space heaters -morning temps in the low 30’s – price was up to $5 a gallon but is now around $3.25 with a 100 gal min – come May the season pre-buy price will probably be around $1.75 – she is not a happy camper – thought the pic would make her feel better – come August we will not remember the cool mornings

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    Linn, we have 3 20# tanks for our propane stove. Our practice is to keep them all full as much as possible, but we’re trying to wait until our third tank is about half gone before getting anymore. Our supplier warned us that our prices would likely go up because of the excess demand down south. He was trying to ration his supply in the hope of spanning the crisis. Looks like we’ve got a ways to go! Luckily, we’re on our second tank, so we’re likely to be able to wait till late April, maybe even May before we refill.

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