I love deadlines, as long as they’re someone else’s!

Occasionally, I log onto author, James Howard Kunstler’s Website and blog. Recently, I read that he’d suspended his podcast, because he’s under deadline to finish a third book in this “World Made By Hand” Series.

This is the time of year when I usually read or listen to the first two books in the series, World Made by Hand, and The Witch of Hebron  (paid link) (see Read These Books…BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!). I find a lot to think about in these books, and have eagerly awaited further stories of post-collapse America as seen from the Hudson River valley.

I know full well that this deadline could be months, even years from now. That simple statement doesn’t provide enough information to really anticipate a new book, but at least now I know it’s on the way, and that the author sees it as a priority.

Of course, part of my glee here may be schadenfreude. I’ve been having trouble with deadlines of my own lately.

When I started this blog, I knew I’d have to commit to making it successful, by posting each and every day. About a year into it, I finally relaxed enough to post every other day, which has been my self-imposed deadline ever since.

Unfortunately, we see lulls in this life as does anyone else in theirs. Right now, I’m mainly focusing on finishing the edits on the audiobook recording of Sacred Coffee (see Coming Soon: Sacred Coffee to Go) and running the “homestead.” Making sure the firewood box is full, cooking, cleaning, making wine and soap, and other quiet, domestic projects, while of great importance and satisfaction to us, don’t make for gripping blog posts. Perhaps you’ve noticed that lately—I sure have!

Thankfully, all of my deadlines are self imposed. Some may argue that it’s even worse to let one’s self down than to let others down, but I feel a lot less guilt than I would if I’d promised someone else I’d stick to these parameters.

As for the blog, hopefully things will pick up again, soon. I hit periods like this periodically, where I can’t muster the wit to describe what’s going on, and I have a hard time imagining anyone would want to hear about it anyway. I’ll snap back to my usual sense of self importance shortly, or something will happen that’s exciting to relate. Who knows? Maybe there’ll be a new World Made by Hand book to review?


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3 Responses to Deadlines

  1. Brian says:

    As one who checks this blog almost every day, I say thanks!

  2. Hartley says:

    I’m glad that some else enjoys Kunstler books.

  3. Mark Zeiger says:

    You, me, and maybe 17 others? Agree with him or not, I wish more people would read him.

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