Shy Ghosts Dancing on Sale for Halloween

It’s the Halloween season again, a time for frightening ourselves and others. To help you get in the mood, it’s time to remind you of my book of short stories, Shy Ghosts Dancing: Dark Tales from Southeast Alaska.

As a matter of fact, it’s about time I re-read the book myself. I don’t do that often enough, and I sometimes forget the stories I wrote; ironic, since I originally wrote them for my own entertainment.

I’d forgotten about one I particularly like, called Long Black Veil, until the other day, when I heard the old folk song that inspired it. Now that it’s too late to fuss over how I might have improved on the story, it would be pleasant to curl up with a hot drink in front of the fire and read it for pleasure.

dancing ghosts

Sighted in a Washington DC neighborhood, it’s . . . shy ghosts, DANCING! (if you recognize your yard, please comment on this post, and I’ll send you a free copy of my book!). (Photo: Mark Zeiger)

I should have mentioned the book a few weeks ago, as a good scary story is most properly read from the printed page. If you were to order now, a copy of the book would likely reach most addresses in the U.S. before Halloween night.

Luckily for us, we live in the digital age, and if you like, you can have an electronic copy of my book in less time than it takes to read this short blog post. From right now till midnight on October 31st, you can have Shy Ghosts Dancing in the electronic format of your choice for half price, just $1.99.

To get your copy, visit my page at Smashwords and order, using this code: VB34C (this is not case sensitive).

For those of you who would like a hard copy, I’ll take half off of that, too (sale price: $5.99 plus $3.00 shipping and handling). However, to do that, you need to order directly from me; coming from Alaska, it may not make it in time for Halloween. But, if you’re willing to gamble, let’s give it a try. Use the PayPal button under the Halloween Special headline on this page.

If you do this, and read it, please let me know if you liked it or not! I’m . . . er, dying to know.

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