What the Best Dressed Bottles are Wearing

This fashion season my wine yeast extender sports an electric lime wet suit as it lounges by the woodstove and other heat sources,  building up a head of foam for the next batch of wine.


Snug, warm, and oh, so fashionable (Photo: Mark Zeiger).

I needed something to keep the temperature of the bottle stable. I decided I wanted one of those neoprene koozies I’d seen around, and I knew just where to get it: a garage sale. Sure enough, at the Hospice of Haines annual rummage sale in April, I found this cool little neoprene bottle jacket. On the other side, it says “Grand Canyon” over a dancing Kokopelli. When I bought it, it also sported an unsightly stain, but that washed right out.

It keeps the yeast stable at a good fermenting temperature, just as I’d hoped. It also adds a measure of cushioning in case it gets knocked around. I find that the neoprene rinses out quickly and dries fast, which is helpful since the yeast foams out the airlock fairly often.

You may have noticed I switched bottles from my original arrangement. When I started making root beer again as a sideline to the wine making, I saw a better use for that bailed beer bottle, so I switched to an old screw top root beer bottle that would otherwise have gotten recycled instead of reused.

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