Spring Changes: A New Homestead “Store”

Spring is upon us, by our reckoning. I think this time I’ve finally figured it out. As I’ve mentioned often before, viewing the seasons from the ancient Celtic point of view means recognizing that seasons, as with all living things, begin as infants and grow to maturity. What I’ve realized is that the seasons are similar to different infants. Winter in our part of the world hits the ground ready to run, like a moose calf, fawn or foal. Spring is more like a human baby, starting small and helpless, and taking a long time to mature!

While we’re waiting for spring to show itself, we’re keeping busy. I just completed a spring “makeover” of our home Web site. I really hope you’re familiar with our site, as it’s integral to this blog. Actually, the blog is supposed to be an offshoot of the Web site, not the other way around.

At any rate, we’ve spiffed it up, adding new buttons to the navigation bar, new photos, and re-edited most of the text. But the most exciting change to the site, from our point of view, is the addition of our new “store.”

Wood Sprite T-shirt

Michelle's wood sprite on a T-shirt, from our new online store (Photo: Cafepress.com).

If you follow this blog, you’ve read about my short story book and the shaker sifter I built for Michelle, and you know we sell these as a “micro-income.” I’ve consolidated access to these order pages, and added clothing and other accessories with our original designs on them through Cafepress.com. This collection includes items featuring Michelle’s winter wood sprite image.

"No apocalypse till we get our jetpacks!"

No Apocalypse T-shirt (Photo: Cafepress.com).

We’re new to Cafepress. We ordered a couple of our T-shirts for Aly, the wood sprite and the “No Apocalypse” design. She received them a few days ago, and hopefully we’ll have photos of her modeling them on the store page soon. She says the printing quality is high, which is a relief. We want to sell quality, not crap (although that may strike a few critics of my short stories as a hypocritical statement!).

It’s a small start, but hopefully it’ll grow, especially after Aly comes home this summer and organizes her homemade jewelry, photography, and other projects.

So, come on in and browse around! Won’t take much more than a few seconds at this point.

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