The Homestead Reference Library: Essential Titles

By , October 2, 2011

As a first post on the homestead reference library after introducing the topic and qualifying the statements to be made, perhaps I should go ahead and try to tackle the tough question a reader asked that got us on the topic in the first place.

The basic question was “Do you have a ‘must have’ book list that aspiring homesteaders should start collecting?” The truest answer is “not until now.”

I talked this over with Michelle, who tends to use reference books more than I do (hey, I am a guy, after all . . . ). Between the two of us we came up with a pretty good short list that covers all of the bases. In the future, we’ll profile most or all of these books individually.

These are not listed in any particular order (all links are paid links):

That’s 10 good, basic titles. As we pursue this topic, though, it’ll become clearer how we use resource books, and why we have so many more titles than just these to refer to.

I see that I’ve neglected to include a medical book. I’ll cover that in a future post as well.

You can find most of these, and other books, movies, and music that we like and/or depend on for our homestead life at our Book List page. Check your local independent bookstore first, or your local library (they need your support, too!). But, if you can’t, or if you’re a dedicated shopper, buying through our links there will give us a percentage of the book price without additional cost to you.

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