Museum of Lost Desires

The content you’re looking for is no longer here. We’re finally beginning to shut this blog down, to remove old content.

The essay formerly found here has been incorporated in two of our publications.

This article has been edited into our book, Sacred Coffee: A “Homesteader’s” Paradigm. The book is available in print, as an audiobook, and in several eBook formats. It contains edited, improved, and expanded versions of essays that used to be available for free on this blog, and new material as well. You can learn more about it, and order it here in your preferred format. It is also included in our eBook, More Calories Than Cash: Frugality the Zeiger Homestead Way. You can learn more about it, and order it here.

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4 Responses to Museum of Lost Desires

  1. Helen Harris says:

    Mark, I think part of that can be attributed to age. I know that we buy far less stuff now. Can you imagine going to Hawaii and all I brought back was a tiny ceramic turtle, sold for $1 by a 4 yr. old girl. The only reason for buying it was to make her happy.

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    I’m sure you’re right, Mom. But, many of the things I’m finding at the store are things I wanted back in high school and college, that I decided against for some reason. That’s what makes me feel good!


  3. Nance says:

    I enjoyed this. (humming) I love consignment shops and garage sales. We don’t find many estate sales here but auctions with real life auctioneers are common in the midwest — “Household” or “Farm” auctions are advertised weekly. I like things too . . . and collections of things seem to find me. 🙁 But finding a bargain no matter how; no matter what. That is what I especially like. PS: Nice Jacket!

  4. Mark Zeiger says:

    Nance, I’ve only attended a few household or farm auctions, but I love them, and estate sales, because besides finding bargains and looking at “Stuff,” I get to poke around the grounds and house. Added value! I guess I’m just a pack rat AND a busybody at heart.

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