October: Beginning of Our Holiday Season

By , October 1, 2009

October is an important month in my life. It has three dates that are particularly special to me. It begins with my birthday. Midmonth, October 18th, is Alaska Day. It ends with Halloween, the kid high holy night, second only to Christmas. Although when I was young, Halloween was definitely not considered a holiday, properly marked in red on the calendar, although all Sundays were back then.

I’ll touch on these events as they approach, but the combination of all three make October, for me, the beginning of the holiday season. What day could be holier for anyone than their own birthday? Shared by millions of others, possibly even your twin, triplets or more, it is nevertheless your own, a day to be thankful for another year of life, and to look ahead to the next one. I’m lucky enough to have mine at the beginning of a string of observances, major and minor that extends into January.

So, I’m happy to see October roll around again. I’m grateful for the year that’s passed, and excited for the year—and the holidays—to come.

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