Family for the Fourth

The other day I talked to my sister, Beth, on the phone. She and Kim are on a major road trip, bringing their RV up to Fairbanks, Alaska.

“So,” I asked casually, where will you be for Independence Day?”

“Um,” she replied, “at your house!”

Okay! Good news!I realized that many months ago, Beth told me about this trip, and explained that they would likely bring the RV to Haines, and, if they could find a place to keep it, go on to Fairbanks without it. But with the contract work she does, and her somewhat impetuous nature, I rarely assume that plans made months in advance will actually come to fruition. I guess it’s gotten to the point where I don’t count on the plans remaining the same for very long.

So, surprise! A family visit for Independence Day!

But, there’s more. A cousin of Kim’s was traveling with them until they reached the Canadian border. Something went wrong, and now she’s flying from Montana to Juneau, then taking the ferry to Haines. We’ll pick her up tonight, and she’ll stay with us a couple of days before Beth and Kim arrive. We have a description of her, and she has a description of us. Hopefully we’ll find each other at the ferry terminal.

We anticipate culture shock. Beth apparently discussed her luggage, and the cousin said, “It’s all right, it has wheels. I can roll it out to their place!”

Beth just smiled . . . .

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