Becoming One of the iPod People

The night of my friend’s wedding, he and I stood by his truck after retrieving the last of the rented tuxedos. My friend is an amazingly low key person, understated, calm, quiet. As we said goodnight, he said, “Oh,” and reached into his truck. “This is for you,” he said casually, handing me a small plastic box. He and his new wife had given me an iPod Nano as a best man’s gift!

MP3 players come in handy on our property. We are, after all, a 21st century homestead. I’ve had a refurbished Sansa for several years, purchased on EBay. A latest generation iPod is definitely a step up, and very convenient since my main computer is a Mac. I’m thrilled with the new gift. As an added bonus, on the way home I found a carrying system on sale. It includes an armband, a weather-resistant cover, but perhaps most importantly, a clip that contains extra headphone cord length. I generally listen to music while chopping wood, so I carefully avoid letting my cord dangle. Nothing ruins a good chopping-to-music buzz like having my ear buds yanked off my head! If you think our life here is stress free, come see me react to that . . . . Now I’ve got a topflight machine, well contained so as to avoid interruption. I’m a very happy man!

Or will be, once I get the thing properly loaded. I’ve blissfully ignored the various iTunes tools, synching, etc., and am now playing catch up. I’m also overwhelmed by having twice as much disc space as before, since I could barely fill the old one! I’ll manage, but I may not get any chores done for the next few days.

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