March Patreon Offerings: Knitting and More

Yesterday, at noon, our Patreon Patron “Things” dropped.

Exclusively for upper tier patrons, the A Place At the Table recording of family discussions at the dining table (or other homestead table, see Patreon “Things” Posted for May) continued the topic started in February on the importance of knitting on our homestead.

March 2020 view from the Zeiger Family Homestead

I get tired of posting Patreon screenshots, so here’s what the view is like this March (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

For all patrons, we presented a “lost blog post” that I wrote a couple of years ago, then sat on, never posting it, because it involves a neighbor, who we think might read this blog.

But, hey. She’s not currently a Patreon Patron, and it is, in my opinion, a good story, one worth telling. It describes my concern for our neighbors’ privacy, and how, when I thought I saw a chance, I went fishing, only to beĀ  thwarted by a beautiful young sunbather. And, since there will soon be some changes to the blog, possibly before April’s Patreon posts, I’d best tell the story now, even to a limited audience, if I’m going to mention it at all.

As always, our thanks to everyone who supports this blog, either through Patreon, other donations, or simply by reading what we write!

March view from the Zeiger Family Homestead

The March view down channel (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).


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