Happy New Year! It’s 2020.

I don’t know about you, but I get a little tired of “year in review” pieces in the news. You can tell that the first stringers are taking time off, no one really wants to report on actual news, so let’s do a review!

last view of 2019

Perhaps the view makes a view metaphor: a veiled, yet hopeful future (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

So, here we are, on a blog, the first day of 2020. I looked over the last year, and decided not to make this a highlights review of 2019.

But, we as a family took a moment to discuss the year on New Year’s Eve. We agreed that, while 2019 was a fairly lousy year for the world, it was a good year on the Zeiger Family Homestead.

As are most. Nothing truly striking happened in the past year that can’t be picked up here on the blog (we trust our readers to know how to scroll back through the year’s posts if they so choose).

Instead, I’ll point back to 2012, and a post I wrote then, More On Thinking Little. In it, I talk about flying below the radar, which accounts largely for our success in the last year, and the years before that. We’re just too insignificant for those who seek power and prestige to bother with!

We quietly go our way, living life as we feel it should be lived, taking care of our own, reaching out further when we can. It works for us. It keeps us healthy and happy.

south point view, Zeiger Family Homestead

A view of the south point on the last day of 2019 (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

So, any year should be a good year. At least, that’s our hope and expectation, we don’t want to call misfortune down upon us!

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