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By , September 5, 2019

I’m back on the homestead.

After about two weeks “outside,” visiting and helping care for family, I’m back, and relieved to be so (see I’ve Got the Tools, But Not the Project!).

I arrived Wednesday on the ferry. Wednesday’s a big tour day in Haines, so Aly staged her car at the ferry terminal for me to use to get home. I hauled my pack in, then went back for a cooler full of stuff I’d gathered on the trip.

autumn sunlight

Michelle has been reveling in the autumn slant to the sunlight lately (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Thursday, which also turns out to be the first day Michelle has had at home since she returned Saturday, we both reoriented to the homestead.

Part of re-entering homestead life includes tackling a long list of deferred or neglected chores, such as checking the battery fluid levels, cutting biofilter for the compost, and, as ever, getting back to cutting and hauling firewood. I’d also like to catch some fish, if there are any left. And, revive this blog, of course.

My several trips over the trail helped re-orient me to the mushroom situation, which, despite rains in our absence, isn’t impressive. Despite an early bloom of our favorite edibles, I don’t see much evidence of continued bounty (see “Mushroom Mind”). And, with the subsistence moose hunt coming up, I’m keeping an eye out for game.

autumn sunlight

Looks like home sweet home! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger.)

It feels like autumn, though! our weather’s currently warm and sunny, but there’s an undeniable smell in the air, and it’s far cooler than where I visited in western Washington.

I’m glad to be home. Glad to return to fewer people, to be free from flush toilets, thermostats (and fans!) non-chlorinated water, and electric ranges. I’m glad to return to outhouses, fresh garden vegetables, and especially my wife and daughter!

I do miss hot water on demand, I miss the family I reconnected with, I miss fast internet, but I’m relieved to return to where I belong, where I feel myself. This feels like where I can truly be me.

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