Patreon “Things” Posted for May

By , May 25, 2019

Yesterday, I posted new exclusive material for patrons on our Patreon page, celebrating the month of May.

We really love May. It’s the time of year that the work of the homestead really kicks in (see April and May: Southeast Alaska’s Prime Time).

Recording A Place at the Table in May

A place at the picnic table this time around! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

On Mother’s Day, we sat out at our folding picnic table on the veranda (see A New Bench/Picnic Table for the Veranda and The Deck’s Finished) enjoying the fine weather and a family breakfast. Whales cruised by close to the edge of the rocks, birds and sea lions swam around them. We decided to watch for a day like that one on which to record our next episode of A Place at the Table, the recorded round table discussion we offer to our higher tier patrons.

As luck would have it, we had a nice day Monday, when both Michelle and Aly were home, and we weren’t already to committed to celebrating Mother’s Day, as we had been the time before. I set up the recording equipment, we poured some homemade wine, and we began talking about all the features of the month that make us happy.

spruce pollen on Lynn Canal

No discussion of May in our region would be complete without mentioning the spruce pollen bloom, seen here in the current line on Lynn Canal (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Then, as bad luck would have it, I messed up the editing! I managed to delete the last 20 minutes of our conversation. By the time I realized this, our weather had changed, and Michelle and Aly had returned to work. I recorded a summation and ending, so the episode’s complete, if not as good as it would have been had I not made that mistake.

For the lower tier patrons, I tipped my hat to my father, Bill, and his twin brother, Ed, who turned 90 years old the day we recorded, with a rather tongue-in-cheek essay I wrote years ago, called Son of Super Scout. It describes how my older brother and I used to go on our Boy Scout troop’s camp outs. Dad would often “drop in” on the camp out,  so Dave and I would have to scramble to make sure we were ready for the inevitable inspections that ensued.

These Patreon “things” are extra content beyond what can be read for free here on the blog. We develop the exclusive content to encourage those who can to help support the homestead financially (see The Challenge: Monetize the Blog) We appreciate your support!

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