Skagway Summer

By , May 18, 2019

The small gold rush-era town of Skagway lies a mere 16 miles north of Haines. One would think that we, as Hainesites, would visit there often, but we don’t. Now, early on, indications are that we might change that. This could be our Skagway Summer.

Woody and the Princess

Uncle Nels “Woody” Woodland poses in front of the megaship, Royal Princess in Skagway, Alaska (Photo: Gail Woodland).

Even though I’d grown up in Southeast Alaska, I never visited Skagway until 2004 (see First View: Technically, Second View…). Since moving here, we’ve visited rarely, most notably for the Northwords Writer’s Conference (see Writing Retreat). We now seem to have a total of 5 trips to Skagway, over the last 15 years.

Our family had three Skagway visits planned within one week! Michelle’s office staff planned an afternoon “field trip” to see the Skagway operations of Rainbow Glacier Adventures (RGA) last Tuesday; that trip got postponed eventually. Aly and a couple of her coworkers went over last weekend for an overnight to celebrate one of the young lady’s birthdays. They went out dancing with the crowds of guides in their age group that flock to Skagway from around the country each summer. Then, on Wednesday, we went over to Skagway with Aly’s boyfriend to visit with my aunt and uncle, who stopped in on the megaship Royal Princess they’re currently cruising on (see These Are Good Days to Live Out In the Woods).

We had a great day! Skagway’s a great little town, very different from Haines, and yet very similar.

Gail and Wood at Fraser Lake BC Canada

My Aunt Gail and Uncle Woody at Fraser Lake, B.C. Canada, just past White Pass. It’s still icy up there! (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

We wandered around town, visited the museum, which has always been high on my list of things to do, although I never made it until this last visit. We took one of the RGA tours up to the Yukon Extension Bridge, which Michelle and I visited last summer (see A Successful Vacation). We ate at one of Skagway’s breweries, then hopped the fast ferry for a beautiful, sunlit cruise on dead flat water back to Haines.

If you’re a faithful reader, you know I advocate visiting one’s region’s attractions (see Be A Tourist in Your Own Town). To walk that talk, I need to spend more time in Skagway. Yeah, that sounds like a good excuse, doesn’t it?

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