More Calories Than Cash: The Back Story

By , February 7, 2019

Okay, in the last post, How the New Tax Law Effects Our Household, I “buried the lede” in journalist parlance. Down at the bottom of the post, I announced a new eBook, More Calories Than Cash: Frugality the Zeiger Family Homestead Way. I should have flogged the book from the get-go, but didn’t.

More Calories Than Cash: Frugalit the Zeiger Family Homestead Way

More Calories Than Cash, Mark’s newest ebook (Image: Mark A. Zeiger).

Here’s why:

I actually started that blog post on December 23rd 2017! On that day, I found the CNN news story that offered the online version of the Tax Calculator featured in the post.

At that time, I was pretty fired up. Congress had just passed the tax “cut” and the calculator indicated that at our income level, it represented little more than a brief tax respite before our taxes inevitably went up.

As I wrote the piece, I thought about what other posts I should link to the essay. I started a list, and by the time I stopped, I realized I had a short book’s worth!

“Short” felt like an important qualifier. I don’t know about you, but I hate to read “how-to” books, particularly when I’m anxious to do whatever the book’s trying to teach me to do, so no way did I want to write one! The idea of compiling an electronic pamphlet with short, to-the-point examples of how we get by on so little money, appealed.

And, of course, it would have to be cheap. Dirt cheap: $1.99! If I sold it exclusively from our Web site, we could manage that.

But, life intervened. I set the idea and the blog post aside for almost a year. Even then, I only changed it to add links to reference articles on the tax cut, on the rich, and on congress. I finally got busy on the eBook in January.

Then the government shut down over the question of funding the border wall.

US capitol building, CLOSED

(Image: Mark A. Zeiger.)

Suddenly, the term “living paycheck to paycheck” hit us all in the face. I’d been mulling that phrase over the previous year, but now everyone seemed to be talking about it. And, the crisis proved worse than I’d thought.

Clearly, I had to punch the eBook out in a hurry. And, apparently the process of creating an eBook has changed considerably since the last time I made one! I kept it short, even though I thought of topics to add right up until the final edit. As the eBook explains, frugality has made us who we are today. We’ve always had, and always will have more to say on the topic.

But, I got it done, and it’s now on sale exclusively from our Website Store. Hopefully, it’ll help save people some money in the months ahead, and perhaps for the rest of their lives!

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  1. Lloyd white says:

    I paid the $1.99 but didnt get the book. Can you help?

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    Lloyd, yes, I’ll contact you off site.

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