Going Into Stall Mode

By , February 25, 2017

As a blogger, I feel at the moment as if I’m piloting an airplane that’s climbing very close to the stall point.

I have to go “outside” to tend to family matters in a few days. My stepmother’s health took a bad turn, and Aly and I are heading down to help out. Aly has a return ticket, but at this point, I don’t. I may be back in two weeks, or it may be in a month. At the very latest, I hope I’ll return in time for the herring run.

In some ways, this is the best time of year to leave the homestead. We’re transitioning from winter to spring, often a protracted process, when resources begin to dwindle, but it’s a bit too early to enter the full swing of spring and summer. A few less bodies at home right now will stretch the food and firewood.

Paradoxically, when we travel, the blog becomes less interesting. Since its purpose is to report on homestead life, posts about us being elsewhere don’t really qualify as content! As ever, I may squeeze a few country mouse/city mouse posts, as I did when my sister and I traveled a few years ago (see Living on the Traffic Routes) but I can’t make any promises.

I have a few older posts kicking around in draft form that I may post in the coming weeks. Or, I may stall completely, and go silent for a bit.

It doesn’t help that one of my projects while down south will be to switch my parents to a new Internet provider. Whatever connectivity we’ll have may be compromised for part of the visit.

We’ll see what happens. I’ve almost always blogged about what’s foremost on my mind, and right now, my parents’ health holds center stage—totally engrossing to me, but not a fit subject for this blog. I beg your indulgence, and hope you’ll check in now and then to see if I have anything new to offer.

And, for far more reasons than this blog, I’ll come back home as soon as I can!

6 Responses to “Going Into Stall Mode”

  1. Eva says:

    Thinking of you and your family. As a baby boomer, we have assisted our aging parents and have been caregivers as well so our thoughts are with you. Safe travels and hope to hear from you but understand our family should always come first. God Bless you all.

  2. Robin says:

    We’ll be here when you get back. Safe travels and best wishes with family.

  3. Virginia White says:

    Sorry to hear of your family’s health problems. Best thoughts to you. I don’t know where outside is, but if it’s near Orange County, we would love to see you. Sheeshao, alias Max, will be here near the end of March.
    Safe travels to you, wherever you are.

  4. Mark Zeiger says:

    Thank you, Virginia. I wish we were headed to California! We’ll be in Yakima, central Washington. Wish we could visit you, though!

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