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Work Like a Peasant, Live Like a King

By , June 19, 2017

As we complete our eleventh year of residence on our homestead, I recall a motto we adopted early on: “work like a peasant, live like a king.”

From the very beginning, the strange dichotomy of our life became apparent. We deliberately, voluntarily reduced our quality of life in order to improve it. We dedicated ourselves to a new lifestyle, economy, and condition set—a new paradigm, if you will—that recasts us almost literally as peasants. Yet, by doing so, we live like kings!

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Simple Pleasures: Fire Gazing

By , November 4, 2016

For a while, we’ve been back in the heating season of the year. As days grow colder and shorter, we’re heating the cabin with fire, and often lighting candles or oil lamps in the late afternoon and early morning.

I seem to enter this time of year as if I had no memory of it. Each time we begin to light fires in the morning, and usually another in the evening, I’m filled with delight. It’s time to stare into the flames again!

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