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This Blog Turns 10 Years Old Today

By , August 28, 2019

Ten years ago on this day, I started a blog with a post (see Introducing the The Zeiger Homestead Blog). Then, as I recall, I vamped till ready. I had agreed to participate in a group blog on self reliance, and the rest of the group wasn’t quite prepared to launch, so I had to stall for a bit before getting to more meaty subjects. Some days, I wonder if I ever actually got around to that?

Today, as then, I find I have little to actually say. How to adequately commemorate a project that has consumed so much of my life?

sunlight through trees

Sifting through 10 year old photos, I find I still like this one especially (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Water Shuffle

By , July 24, 2019

We continue to receive less rain than we should expect at this time of year. While we get a few showers now and then, we don’t get the actual rains that water the gardens, fill our tanks, and freshen our forest (see Drought Busted).

The other day, I took our stiffest tape measure up to the summer water tank and plunged it to the bottom. We appear to have 2 feet of water in a tank that holds 5 feet or so of water. I calculate we have less than 400 gallons left.

Zeiger family homestead summer water tank

Our summer water tank (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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