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These Are Good Days to Live Out In the Woods

By , May 15, 2019

One of my favorite sayings: “There’s a reason I live out in the woods.”

Seems as if those reasons have piled up lately . . . .

The Zeiger Homestead cabin

“Cabin, cabin in the woods…” a true refuge from the evil of the world (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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A Habit of Poetry

By , February 1, 2019

Americans have gotten out of the habit of poetry, I think.

The impression I got growing up was that poetry is something poets do. “Ordinary people” might read poetry but seldom do they write their own. When I took a trip to Ireland with a college class, we were told that everyone in Ireland writes poetry. They may never publish, but they write casually as they go about their daily lives. Our bus driver, Brían, recited some of his poetry for us as evidence.

Chores provide ample time for reflection and composition. (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger)

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