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Moose Encounter Season

By , January 24, 2020

We’ve had a bit of a moose problem lately, as seems common about this time of year. In many ways, it’s Moose Encounter Season.

Particularly, we’ve had a fairly healthy dump of snow right when the forage for our larger ungulates is scarce. Calves that dropped in mid-summer are quite a bit bigger, and are hungry as they continue to grow.

Moose Calf

The moose calf visits the garden for a solo lunch (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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“Feed the Birds! NOW, Dammit!”

By , June 20, 2019

The hummingbirds are back at it, and getting out of control!

We have always enjoyed hummingbirds in our yards, both here on the homestead and when we lived in Juneau. We talk about them a lot on this blog, of course (see Hummingbird Wars among many others).

empty hummingbird feeder

“Oh, WAITER! Clear this away, please. And, we’ll have another.” (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger.)

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