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It’s Important to Preheat Your Cast Iron

By , November 20, 2019

There’s a common myth about cast iron cookware. It’s so pernicious, I’ve endorsed and spread it myself: “cast iron cookware heats evenly.”

That’s simply not true. Not just simply—demonstrably. So much so, that I have observed the falsehood of this claim in my personal experience, and yet disregarded it.

It took America’s Test Kitchen to change my view, and now, I preach their gospel!

Cook It in Cast Iron

Cook It In Cast Iron, (paid link) from America’s Test Kitchen’s Cook’s Country series (Image: Overdrive Media).

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The 20 Second Hug

By , May 9, 2019

We’re trying something new at the end of Michelle and Aly’s work day, as they move into the summer tourist season: the 20 second hug.

I caught the tail end of a recent, interesting article on the radio about beating burnout.

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