Tiny Adventures in Housing

By , July 21, 2019

Life just took one of those unexpected but exciting new turns: I bought a tiny home on wheels!

My boyfriend and I have been looking at options for moving in together for a while now, and decided that buying was more cost effective than renting. When he found a tiny home listed for sale on line, advertised as move-in ready, we were hopeful but cautious (see A Tiny Home?). We arranged a visit to the building with the owner/builder and proceeded to speculate wildly about what living in it would be like if it did turn out to be what we wanted. We invited Mom to come with us as someone with more experience buying a house. Her insights and knowledge of where to look for problems was much appreciated.

Tiny House

Aly’s new tiny house, “Das Hütte” (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger).

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A Habit of Poetry

By , February 1, 2019

Americans have gotten out of the habit of poetry, I think.

The impression I got growing up was that poetry is something poets do. “Ordinary people” might read poetry but seldom do they write their own. When I took a trip to Ireland with a college class, we were told that everyone in Ireland writes poetry. They may never publish, but they write casually as they go about their daily lives. Our bus driver, Brían, recited some of his poetry for us as evidence.

Chores provide ample time for reflection and composition. (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger)

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