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Possible Reasons to Watch This Space

By , February 28, 2017

As Aly and I board the ferry to Juneau today for the next day’s flights to the Lower 48 (see Going Into Stall Mode) here are a few reasons you may want to keep an eye on the blog in the coming month, even if I can’t manage to update it regularly:

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Going Into Stall Mode

By , February 25, 2017

As a blogger, I feel at the moment as if I’m piloting an airplane that’s climbing very close to the stall point.

I have to go “outside” to tend to family matters in a few days. My stepmother’s health took a bad turn, and Aly and I are heading down to help out. Aly has a return ticket, but at this point, I don’t. I may be back in two weeks, or it may be in a month. At the very latest, I hope I’ll return in time for the herring run.

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