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What’s In a Name?

By , March 10, 2017

I’ve often pointed out that we started this blog to keep our friends and family updated on our life off-grid. It didn’t take long for new friends in the wider Internet world to outnumber the handful of friends, and fewer family members, who read these pages from time to time, so I rarely speak directly to the family. This post is a minor exception. If the rest of you care to bear with, some of what I write here may resonate with you.

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Becoming “Aware”

By , January 13, 2017

I recently read a very interesting article from The New Yorker called The Glossary of Happiness by Emily Anthes. It came to my attention because of our interest in adapting and cultivating the Danish concept of Hygge (see Hygge). Or, perhaps more appropriate considering my Dutch extraction (among many other bloodlines) we should work toward gezellig, a little easier, and perhaps more fun to say. I learned this term, similar to hygge, from the article.

The article tells of The Positive Lexicography Project, Doctor Tim Lomas’s effort to catalog foreign terms for happiness related concepts that may have no direct English translation.

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