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“Schooled” By an Outsider

By , July 25, 2016

My sisters held sales on two days to reduce their storage inventory before moving it south. We brought out a few items to sell alongside, taking advantage of a rare opportunity. After all, how does one hold a garage sale when one has no garage? A yard sale that requires a 3 mile round trip hike would make very little money. Aly and I tagged along, as it were (hopefully our British readers got a smile out of that) and helped with the sale.

For me, the sale offered a rare opportunity to meet and greet unfamiliar townspeople. We also saw a lot of our friends and neighbors. We really enjoyed visiting, chatting, and joking with the people who came to the sale.

One visitor, I’m afraid, left a less favorable impression.

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Writing Retreat

By , May 25, 2016

Oh, the irony!

I leave this afternoon to attend a 4-day writing symposium—a writer’s retreat, if you will—in Skagway, just north of Haines. While I’m taking my computer along, I do not plan to update this blog until after I return Sunday.

That’s right, while I’m off writing, I will be off writing the blog.

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