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Visited by an Angel

By , December 2, 2016

Last week I was visited by an angel, and I’m ashamed to say I squandered the moment.

I sat in the outhouse in the morning, listening to an audiobook through headphones and doing something insignificant—maybe changing the toilet paper. Whatever it was turned me away from the usual face-front attitude.

I felt an ever-so-slight pressure on my right knee. Just as that sensation registered, I heard and felt rapid fluttering up my right side, rising and passing my ear!

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Whales and Strawberry Blossoms

By , November 9, 2016

Here we are on the front doorstep of winter, seeing signs of spring.

Two that stand out particularly: whales and strawberry blossoms.

All of a sudden, we have humpback whales cruising past our rocks, not just one now and then, but sometimes three at a time!

Generally, we see humpbacks in the spring, starting in about March, through the summer, until October or so. This year, we’ve seen more whales in the last few months than we saw all last summer!

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