Waiting for Hummingbirds

By , April 17, 2017

Late spring always brings a sense of anticipation to the homestead. We’re eagerly awaiting the herring run and the accompanying humpback whales, orcas, and  Dolly Varden char. We anticipate fresh garden and wild greens, and warmer weather. With all of this, one wouldn’t think that the arrival of hummingbirds tops our list. Yet, it does.

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Bitter Greens

By , April 12, 2017

We held an odd conversation yesterday at the breakfast table. It’s Passover, the Jewish observance that Michelle and I, raised Protestant Christian, know a little bit about only because of the connections between Passover and Easter.

If you weren’t raised in one of these traditions, I won’t go into it, other than to briefly mention that the events associated with Easter played out over Passover according to the Christian Bible. You can learn about Passover elsewhere, including this article.

Michelle and I have both participated in various “Seder” meals—in quotes, as they were church sponsored recreations of the Jewish tradition, conducted as educational and ecumenical outreach. To me, it seemed similar to a bunch of Anglo-Americans trying to recreate a Choctaw naming ceremony, but don’t get me started down that road . . . . Continue reading 'Bitter Greens'»

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